At Digital Home Technologies, we have a hierarchy of principles that we feel clearly separate us from our competitors.  Since we are not a retail store, we are solely dedicated to residential electronic design and installation.   Technology can certainly make our lives easier, but it quickly changes, and these changes can be very intimidating.  We want to help you with these choices, and prepare you for the changes in technology.  However, we want you, as a perspective client, to understand the different approach we take to each project that we embark upon.




At Digital Home Technologies, ease of use is the most important principle for any electronic system that we design. However, this is the one that most often gets overlooked by other companies. It doesn’t matter how great your audio system sounds if you never use it. You can have a fantastic media room, but if you have to remember which remote control runs each piece of equipment, or what your receiver needs to be set to just to watch a movie, you won’t enjoy using it. A whole house music or home theater system should be something that you can use everyday. Whether we design a system that gives you One Touch access to your favorite music stations using keypads or touch panels, we want you to find your system simple and fun to use.


Reliability means that we choose equipment that will reliably work every time. We want your system to work when you press a button on your One Touch system. Choosing components that we know are high quality and durable are essential to this reliability.


Each system that we design is customized to your home and lifestyle. We do not have shelves of equipment that we need to sell before they become “out of date”. We choose components that blend into your décor and fit into the dream that you have for your home. We can hide multiple light switches, volume controls, thermostats, security keypads, and many other necessary devices, by integrating these systems together. This will eliminate “wall clutter” and focus attention on the beauty of your home.


Beyond being easy to use, reliable, and attractive, we want your system to perform the way that you expect. Depending upon how you want to use your system, the budget that you have, and your lifestyle, we design a system that performs the way you have always dreamed.

One thought on “Job Process

  1. I live in Barrington, IL and I work at the former American Backhaulers that John did some A/V work for us, Scott Bidochka gave me your name. I’m have a small amount of work that i’m looking to get done this winter to my system.

    I have a Pioneer Elite VSX 70 receiver and I use both zones. I also have an HDMI extender for my basement TV. I have a new 3D Sharp 60″ TV
    I want to build a rack in my bar for my components that will be a cool display.
    I will probably need an additional surge protector for my rack
    I also want to mount my TV on the wall (I already have my rear speaker in the ceiling)
    I’m thinking of going with a sound bar for the fronts
    I would also probably want to move the subwoofer into the closet or below the steps in the basement
    in zone 2 I currently have setup as my first floor family room and kitchen and outside area, I would like to entertain the idea of adding sound to the dining room and living room as well playing from the same source. my number is 773-848-5546

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