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Frank Sinatra, Miles Davis, The BeeGees, Donna Summer, Drake... your music is special. Make it matter more for you, and to express your taste to your friends and your children. Performance counts - we have the equipment to make it sing.

Klipsch Heritage

The best that Klipsch produces, the Heritage series are the latest versions of their classics - the Klipsch Jubilee, Klipschorn, La Scala, Cornwall, Forte, and Heresy speakers. All are designed and hand-assembled today by proud craftspeople in Hope, Arkansas, USA.


For 40 years, Dynaudio has been combining high fidelity audio, enhanced performance, detailed imaging and powerful dynamics with exquisite design. All their audio speakers deliver high-end response with wide frequencies from both woofer and tweeter. Whether you are looking for a set of floor-standing audio speakers for your living room, surround sound- or home theater system, Dynaudio provides you with the same speakers the world's great studios and sound engineers use.


Every Revel product is the result of thousands of hours of study. Since 1996, Revel has relied on technical resources, one-of-a-kind testing facilities, and cutting-edge design tools unavailable to most manufacturers to create every loudspeaker with the Revel name. That's how they continue to set the standard for acoustical accuracy and allow Revel customers to experience an unmatched level of clarity.


What do you get when you combine the best French speaker company with a legendary British audio electronics manufacturer? Magic, pure and simple. Focal of France produces some of the finest loudspeakers ever made. Naim of England makes some of the finest music players and amplification systems for more than half a century. Separately, each are a marvel. Together... well, words are not enough.


The greatest story in American electronics is McIntosh. Since 1949, their products define the best of American engineering, production and performance. Each model is a classic when released, likely to gain in value with each passing decade. From the legendary blue light metering to the glass faceplates, the look of McIntosh is as noteworthy as their sound. Own a piece of American history, today.

HiFi Rose

Experience the thrills of high-performance music streaming — and get immediate access to an unlimited universe of songs, albums, compositions, podcasts, and radio shows — with HiFi Rose. Equipped with HDMI 2.0 and HDMI ARC connectivity, their RS150B also lets you tap into 4K video programming, watch it on a hi-def screen, and enjoy the accompanying audio in upgraded fashion. Its full-color, 14.9-inch touchscreen is one of the coolest user interfaces on any component. Whether it displays fully functional analog meters or album art, it's simply amazing.

Gold Note

For more than twenty years, Gold Note has been one of the world’s most acclaimed High-End audio manufacturers, and one of very few featuring a vertically integrated line of products. Since the introduction of the company’s first products in 1992, Gold Note has invested in audio quality without compromise. All Gold Note products are produced in Florence, Italy.

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