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December 15, 2022

Experience a Day in the Life with Control4 Home Automation

What’s It Like to Live in a Smart Home? 

What is a smart home? Is it a home with smart devices like a thermostat, lights, and locks? Is it a home where you can control things with a smartphone app? We think it's much more than that. A smart home will do things for you without your attention or involvement. The true luxury of home automation becomes evident when all the pieces of your smart home work together, accomplishing tasks for you in ways that enhance your lifestyle. 

Domes Audio Video Environments is a certified Control4 dealer located in Virginia Beach, proudly serving Chesapeake and the Hampton Roads area. Our experience since 1980 as a dealer has given us a great understanding of what a smart home should be. Keep reading to see what it's like to live in a truly smart home.

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Starting Your Day

Instead of a jarring alarm, your day starts with music from speakers in your bedroom, part of a whole-home audio system. It starts low, and the volume slowly rises to pull you gently out of slumber. At the same time, your motorized blackout shades rise to allow natural light into your bedroom. As you get out of bed and head to the bathroom, your bathroom lights have come on, but not so bright that they make you wince. Heading into the kitchen, the automation system has turned the lights on over the coffee bar for your morning routine and started your favorite news outlet on the audio system speakers. 

Leaving for Work

Mornings are busy if you have kids or commute to your office. Time is limited, and sometimes you forget to turn lights off or lock doors. Your Control4 smart home system has you covered. When you leave, the system detects you are gone via geo-fencing or sensors and turns off unnecessary lights. If you have smart locks, it can also lock the doors and turn on the security alarm and video cameras for added protection. It can even lower your motorized shades to keep prying eyes out, and your thermostat can turn to an “away” temperature to conserve energy for a greener lifestyle. 

Returning Home

When you return home, it might be dark. Your home automation system takes care of your outside illumination, turning on the driveway, landscaping, and entry lighting, so you never return to a dark home. As you pull into the garage, your hallway and kitchen lights brighten to light your usual path inside. For an added welcoming touch, a low-key playlist comes on the speakers to relax you. Your system turns the family room lights to a dimmed, warm glow, setting a relaxed mood. The temperature has already been put to your preferred level as the system sensed you were close to home. No need to turn off alarms; your system did it for you!

Time for Bed

When you are ready for bed, your Control4 system makes the routine easier. You can reach for the bedside wall keypad or touchscreen controller and hit the "Bedtime" button. A calming music playlist comes on for 30 minutes to lull you to sleep (or rain sounds, your choice); your motorized window treatments draw closed all over the house; your lights shut off, leaving only essential ones; and the temperature shifts to a cool setting for comfortable sleep. Your smart locks lock the doors again, outside lights come on for security, and your video cameras and alarm go on the ready. You drift off to a restful sleep to end your day!

Want a smart home experience that works for you? Domes Audio Video Environments can craft the perfect Control4 home automation system for you. Contact us here, click the chat box below, or visit our certified Control4 showroom to quickly connect with one of our experts. We look forward to working with you!  

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