With its spacious lawns, flourishing garden and simple pool, the place has an enchanting feeling–luxurious without pretension–and in this magical abode abide a busy dad and busy mom with four daughters, tweens and teens.

The fairy tale ends here: How do you balance the different needs and interests of six people under one roof? The answer: Call the wizards of Digital Home Technologies.

In a home where music could span from classical’s Tomaso Albinoni to classic rock’s Led Zeppelin,Digital Home created discrete zones of audio, islands where one family member might tune in former American Idol star Kelly Clarkson and another sample the Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett duets.

When the sounds of socializing must surpass the sounds of nature, 28 speakers strategically hidden in yard and garden broadcast a seamless stream of melody for any occasion. Can you find one of them in the photo at top right?

Today’s vast array of television choices could create conflicts in such a diverse household. No problem. There are more than 10 high – definition screens available, each able to show a different network at the same time, so it’s not CNBC vs. Nickelodeon or Food Network vs. A&E and so on. When interests converge, the family can relax together in its home theater with a supersize screen.

Wireless networking throughout the home eliminates electronic clutter, and the sophisticated components are centralized and concealed. What’s visible are touchscreens built into the walls and linked to the home’s brain, the esteemed Elan g! system.

Elan g! is like a genie, though one need not rub a bottle. A few taps of a finger on a touchscreen grants the wishes. The system also can be  controlled from a smartphone or tablet.This means that if the family is a way on vacation, functions like security or heating and cooling of the home can be controlled remotely.

The wizards of Digital Home Technologies work magic to simplify the complications of busy lives.

Photography: Scott Fincher Photography
Audio Video Integrator: Digital Home Technologies

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