Whether the plan is cocktails for two or antipasto and vino for twenty, the object always is hassle-free creation of just the right scene. That’s what Digital Home Technologies did and continues to do in this West Suburban manse.

The home radiates a palatial quality. Dark wood twines with sumptuous fabrics in a weave balancing light and heavy.

It is a style that should shun contemporary conveniences like televisions or audio systems.

Not so. There are eight TV/video locations throughout the home, and where desirable, such as in the master bedroom (upper right photo) or living room (right), screens can be retracted into a cabinet or behind a panel.

Passionate about music, the family has an extensive collection on iTunes and has a Fusion Research Ovation Music Server,which allows access to the many streaming radio outlets like Sirius or Pandora. The family can take its pleasure from Adele to the Zombie Kids.

How does one control this complexity? Simple: Integration by Digital Home.

Clients since 2007, the family has upgraded its system over the years, including adding a home theater in 2010 and most recently the installation of an ELAN g! control system. ELAN is sleek and unobtrusive amid the opulence of the home. In addition to ELAN’s 7-inch touchscreen master control panel tucked conveniently into a wall, ELAN lets the family run things from its desktops, laptops, smart phones, tablets or conventional remotes.

This means that if guests’ kids want Disney in one room while the grownups catch the Blackhawks around the bar, all it takes is a tap or two of a finger on any of the control devices. The convenience applies to each of the home’s eight video locations.

The audio system has 12 zones or rooms. Want country over the basement pool table? Easy. Maybe light jazz for the dining room? A breeze. Edgy rock perhaps elsewhere? Done. And all simultaneously for any zone.

Digital Home makes the rich life richer by making things easier.

Photography: Scott Fincher Photography

Audio Video Integrator: Digital Home Technologies

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