The client’s demand was simple. Digital Home Technologies met simple with simplicity.

The setting is a lush 31-acre retirement complex where management wanted to streamline control of  its many audio/visual devices. For the complex’s upscale residents who are accustomed to only the best of service, fussy delays of presentations of entertainment and information are intolerable.

The devices are scattered about the complex. There are drop-down motorized screens in an executive conference room and in a spacious performing arts center; these can be linked to laptops for slideshows or informational  offerings. An auditorium-size screen brings feature films and other programming to viewers in the complex’s theater; it too can be linked to a laptop. HD TVs brighten the residence’s restaurants and bars.

The question: how to simplify and consolidate. Digital Home’s answer: ELAN g!, the gold-standard of home and commercial control integration.

One of ELAN g! advantages is its proprietary graphic interface, which is consistent on whatever control devices a customer chooses, from ELAN remotes and touchscreens to iPhones, iPads and PCs.  This means relevant personnel can respond quickly and without confusion to any demands that might arise.  All it takes is the tap of a finger, and they don’t need to be on site because ELAN can be operated from almost anywhere in the world.

It’s that simple.

Digital Home Technologies and ELAN g! team up to take perplexity out the complex.

Photography: Scott Fincher Photography

Audio Video Integrator: Digital Home Technologies

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