Frustration. Day after day, week after week, month after month for a year, the Chicago family contended with a “smart” home installation that was more pain than pleasure.

There was no easy way to turn anything on. The video signal was lamely out of date, and the audio system wasn’t delivering a peep to where the homeowners wanted it. Sometimes the whole system just didn’t work. It seemed futile. The family shunned hiring a new contractor until an acquaintance glowingly recommended Digital Home Technologies and its owner, John Goldenne, affectionately nicknamed “Dr. Digital.”

The diagnosis: While it is possible to maintain and upgrade systems for years, this mess needed major surgery.
“We removed the entire old system. It was antiquated and bandaged together. Sometimes it is more cost effective to install a new up-to-date system,” Goldenne said.

The new system’s heart is the ELAN g! integrated control system. With ELAN’s simple interface, a touch or two of a finger on a smartphone, tablet or computer keyboard gives homeowners easy control over audio, visual, heating/cooling and security functions. And ELAN works anywhere whether you are in an airport at Shanghai, at a chateau in France or next door socializing with the neighbors.

For this family, the system means audio in 18 different locations and eight HDMI video screens. Now the children–three younger ones–can curl up in the home theater with a feature-length cartoon while Mom and Dad work out watching “his” and “her” TVs in an exercise room. Strategically pointed security cameras monitor activity in and around the home. The kids are safe.

There was an invisible bonus too. “John gives some of the best customer service I have ever seen,” the recommending acquaintance said.

Digital Home Technologies––the cure for the common home-tech headache.

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