Simply put, everything about this suburban Chicago home is state of the art, from its deceptively simple façade to its complex yet easy to use home automation features.  And Digital Home Technologies was there as the owners’ ideas moved the architect’s stylus toward a stunning finish.

A busy young family with two sports-minded sons, the couple involved Digital Home almost a year before ground was broken. Their imperative: Keep the technology sleekly uncluttered. Video was to be artfully scaled to ensure an appropriate profile in a given location.. Audio needed to be heard but not seen. Unsightly wires were banished.

To that end, Digital Home worked hidden magic as construction progressed:

Cabling linked to a Luxul Wi-Fi network was threaded throughout the home’s walls.  The wiring thoughtfully was designed to handle current needs and also to accommodate future automation.

The home’s Lutron lighting and shades can be raised or lowered manually at a switch or by remote control. Where and when needed, Yamaha provides surround sound in conjunction with Universal Remote Control’s MX-980 wand, an Artison Studio sound bar and a Nano subwoofer hidden in an elegant unobtrusive cabinet. Virtually invisible DaVinci TDG ceiling speakers deliver impeccable audio, and video doorbells by Ring maintain security.

The system is programmed so that smartphones or tablets work with the URC wand in controlling the home automation. A simple touch of a finger on any of the devices does the job. Lower the lights? Easy. Watch a game on TV? Slam dunk. Listen to music? Tap a finger–then tap your toes.

Digital Home Technologies makes the here and now a snap and keeps an eye on the future.

Photography: Scott Fincher Photography

Audio Video Integrator: Digital Home Technologies

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