You do the math; they do the work–and the formula is this: Take one newborn, add two toddlers, and the sum equals?  One mom and one dad who have time for entertainment that can be as hard to find as a black opal or a unsoiled diaper on a difficult day.

This is where Digital Home Technologies mines its vast technological landscape to uncover gems of ideas to keep things simple.

Although Digital Home devises comprehensive home automation systems that would intrigue and delight a house full of techie teenagers, it polished this blooming family’s setup to a smooth roundness of essentials, sight and sound accessible with a finger’s touch.

For the wall-mounted televisions in the living room and a basement children’s den surround sound systems that feature Artison audiophile bars were added so that young and old would be enveloped at low volumes and high. A universal remote control runs the show.

A home without music is a like a wall without a picture. To fill that blank and to avoid messy wires, Digital Home infused this house with a Sonos wireless system that is so easy to install and use it makes paint by numbers seem complicated. Sonos lets the homeowners stream music from their favorites on their computers or from services such as SiriusXM, Pandora, Deezer and many more.

Sonos attaches to a home network. After that, there are no wires. In this setup, the Sonos broadcasts selections to DaVinci Audio Labs speakers. This is high tech hi-fi that can be controlled by a remote or by an app on a smartphone or tablet. Classic rock can be in one room, rolling classical in another or in a third, “Old MacDonald Had a Farm”.

Rockin’, rollin’, swaying, swinging. Golf  loves sun, warm and finesse. That swing that needs more practice finds a hole in a basement virtual link, a pleasure in a Chicago winter. Pebble Beach, Augusta–you name it–arise in a simulator that taps resources like Comcast, Apple TV and other software. The goal finds focus on a theater-style screen or a 50-inch television.

Whether it’s for babies or for grownups,  Digital Home Technologies manages your most valuable asset, your free time.


Photography: Scott Fincher Photography
Audio Video Integrator: Digital Home Technologies

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