“Our philosophy is that the true power of technology lies not in individual equipment, but in the integration of the home’s electronic products and services, in a way that makes them easy to operate and maximizes their usefulness.”

Imagine coming home to a simpler, less stressed environment, where outdoor lights go on automatically at sundown and shut off automatically at sunrise. How about picking up your phone to answer your front door, or watching your kids play in the backyard on your TV?

Digital Home Technologies provides the entire package, from the initial consultation, to prewire/rough in, product delivery, installation and service, for the new home as well as existing structures.

Step into the awe-inspiring showroom, where you can experience all this
technologically innovative business has to offer.

“We were the first in the industry to create a real life setup for customers to see,
hear, feel and experience,” said owner John Goldenne “We have a showroom that
displays real working applications.”

You won’t believe your eyes when you see this house. And this is one business
where you’re encouraged to touch and interact with the products.

The Digital Home Technologies showroom is located in a 60-year-old house in
Palatine. Fit for the Jetson’s, this full demo hands-on environment is filled with top-ofthe-line products such as: Vantage automated lighting control; whole house audio distribution systems from Elan, Russound and SpeakerCraft along with Universal and Vantage all-in-one remotes; SpeakerCraft in-ceiling and in-wall speakers; 18 IP cameras connected to a modulated Samsung SyncMaster display; Universal, RTI, Elan, AMX, Philips remotes and Krell Industries audio devices; a DVD and a CD management system; a Lutron Radio RA light dimming system; an M&S Systems central vacuum; intercom systems; a motorized screen and projector for the home theater; kitchens with drop down LCDs; even outdoor entertainment with hidden rock speakers.

While competitors may sell surround sound speakers, Digital Home “sells the
experience,” said Goldenne.

Years of happy customers have sent their friends, clients and coworkers to check out Digital Home.

“My business is based on referrals. A lot of my commercial clients become my
residential clients, and a lot of my residential clients become commercial clients,”
Goldenne said. “I’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies all the way down to gas
stations. I have traveled the US for my business, and also have clients out of the

Top of the line technologies is at the forefront of Digital Home Technologies, through Distributed Audio, which provides speakers and controls in every room, Home Theater technology with surround sound and even theater style chairs that can move in rhythm to the action on the screen, Integrated Control with one remote system to control every component in your house, and Integrated Lighting which also utilizes one remote system and even enables you to answer the door from anywhere in the house!

The Digital Home showroom includes its own testing and developing department.
“We’re always changing the way things work together. Sometimes we have to create our own way of doing it. We put a lot of different devices together,” Goldenne explained. “We spend a lot of time on research and development. It is fun; that’s why we love our work.”

In today’s housing market, it’s important to know that automated homes sell 50%
faster than those without, according to the Consumer Electronics Association.

Home automation is a booming segment of the residential construction market.
Digital Home provides single source expertise for all its services.

With each customer, Digital Home is committed to four design principals: East of
Use; Reliability; Aesthetics; and Performance.

This company’s outstanding customer service includes technical staff who create
packages tailored specifically to each customer’s specific needs. Each client can
expect the latest technology and great performance. And every installation features a fully engineered and documented design plan.

Call or visit the website and make an appointment to come to the state-of-the-art
showroom, and experience firsthand all that Digital Home Technologies has to offer. “It’s guaranteed they will see something they’ve never seen before,” said Goldenne.

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