Ask nearly any coach what does it take to build a winner, and you are likely to get a hat-trick answer: Get the right people together, have a vision and steep those in time. That’s how it worked for an Arlington Heights couple who over eight years developed their lovely home into one that is very smart in appearance and especially in technology.

The couple set the stage for success by bringing in Digital Home Technologies literally at the ground level when they were planning construction of a new home in 2004. After listening carefully to the couple’s long-term dream. Digital Home worked with the builders to lay down wiring and cabling that years from then could be adapted to the latest home-tech developments.

Both Mom and Dad love music, and he is passionate about Chicago Blackhawks hockey and other city teams. Thus, the first stage was to install a simple house audio system that let the couple explore their extensive CD collection and iPod playlists with one easy-to-use remote control. Television control was simplified too.

Six years later, in 2010, the couple took a giant leap forward: They completed a basement remodeling and brought Digital Home back – past performance had built trust – to expand the audio system to the whole house. Audiophile pleasure and TV entertainment poured out of the walls, and it was as easy to use as turning on a water tap.

In 2012, the homeowners reached the current pinnacle of home entertainment control with Digital Home’s installation of the ELAN g! system. It lets them switch on what they want to see and hear with the touch of a finger on a smart phone, tablet or dedicated remote control. ELAN doesn’t stop at home entertainment, though; it can be used to control hearting and lighting, even watering the yard. That is for another time, right?

So call it a slam dunk, home run or a hat trick: One dream comes true so that another can be born. When it is, Digital Home will be there, part of the team to make it so.

Photography: Scott Fincher Photography

Audio Video Integrator: Digital Home Technologies

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