Four active children plus two busy parents might seem like a recipe for confusion. Not so, when the solution is a kiss–keep it simple, sir–and that’s what John P. Goldenne and his Digital Home Technologies did for this tightly knit family.

“My wife and I have been dealing with John and his group at Digital Home for over eight years since we built our house. Not only did they do a great job during our building process but the ongoing service has been outstanding,” the homeowner says.

“They are on top of new technologies and products to enhance our system and growing with our family’s needs.”

The smart phone revolution of 2007 was a few years down the road when the first bricks were laid for the home. Before the walls were up, Digital Home installed the wiring that is the skeleton on which grew the muscle of ever advancing technology. This accommodated extensive audio and video controlled by the customary remotes. Today, family members pull out their iPhones or iPads to energize their entertainment devices over a robust wireless network in the home. Kiss.

A recently installed ELAN g! system can control audio/video,in-house climate, lighting and, most important, security even if the family is out of town. The homeowner has added several video surveillance cameras, inside and out. Unsightly? Not at all: Can you find the domed camera at the top of the stairs that guards the home’s foyer? Micro-technology means safety doesn’t have to disrupt decor.

Digital Home Technologies is a specialist in making life fun and secure, today and in the future.

Photography: Scott Fincher Photography

Audio Video Integrator: Digital Home Technologies

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