It’s almost like magic. With an ELAN g! Entertainment and Control System installed by Digital Home Technologies, you can have dazzling entertainment and important information with total ease of control at home or anywhere on the planet. The fun doesn’t stop there. If he likes sports and she wants news, no problem. Each can have a personal channel controlling a screen of choice.

On vacation in Mexico and wonder if the house is secure?     With the touch of a finger on an iPad, smart phone or other mobile device you can see the images from your surveillance cameras. Need to set the climate of the home? You can do it from a laptop or desktop computer–even if you are in China.

“I thought having a TV in my bathroom mirror was a little silly, but I am really enjoying being able to watch a program while I am getting ready,” reports one happy woman. “And having a channel assigned to each of us so we won’t be changing each other’s channel has been wonderful.” If his mood is classic rock and hers is something jazzier, the ELAN g! can deliver that too. The system offers an almost infinite variety of music that can come from your own media or from the Cloud.

No other system is so brilliantly entertaining, so well integrated and, most important, so easy to use and expand. You have total control with one, simple graphic interface. Elan g!  Entertainment and Control System is the smartest of the smart home systems.

Photography: Scott Fincher Photography

Audio Video Integrator: Digital Home Technologies

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