It started with a common complaint and in phases became a signature solution reflecting Digital Home Technologies motto: “We manage your most valuable asset – your free time.”

You know the feeling. You reach for your audio/video remote control and immediately experience button aggravation or, worse, malfunctioning. This is what frustrated a Northwest suburban homeowner and his family. The remote was their enemy. It had turned music or video fun into a struggle. The solution: Installation of ELAN g!, the innovative, award-winning multiroom audio/video and home control system. ELAN seamlessly combines music, TV and telephone-based features such as intercom and paging to create a new kind of whole-house entertainment and communications experience. The system and its simple interface allow people to move room-to-room, controlling and accessing centrally located audio and video equipment with ease.

And that is done with the touch of a finger on a smart phone, tablet or dedicated remote. No more hassle, but, wait, the story doesn’t end. The beauty of ELAN g! is that you can start with one solution and expand into others without draining your pocketbook.

So impressed was the homeowner that a week after the initial installation, which included a system adding Internet music streaming and iTunes organization, he inquired about some of the other features of ELAN like controlling lighting and interior climate. The family travels a lot, and he wanted to be able to adjust the house from anywhere in the world. Simple. Phase 2 done.

Phase 3: Because of the travelling, he had concerns about security of the home. Simple again – Digital Home added a camera and a digital recorder, ensuring peace of mind. What had started as a one-room remote turned this residence into a smart home over the course of two months.

ELAN g! and Digital Home Technologies, partners in making life easy.

Photography: Scott Fincher Photography

Audio Video Integrator: Digital Home Technologies

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