In a home designed to be a sophisticated cocoon that combines muted colors with elegant textures, the excitement hides behind the walls. Digital Home Technologies’ installation of the ELAN g! system in this North Shore residence lets the homeowners summon whatever entertainment their hearts desire with ease and speed. And the possibilities of ELAN g! are practically limitless, from the availability of media, from the Cloud or within your home, from the level of quality, both picture and sound, and by the power of controlling it all from wherever you are, even away from home.

A vacation abroad is a carefree romp with ELAN at your side. The integrated system puts the power of running a household remotely into your hands with the use of a smart phone or tablet. There are no concerns about security or wasteful interior climate conditions with ELAN’s simple and consistent user interface.Need to make sure the home is secure?

A touch of the finger lets you see what is caught by security cameras. Cooling, heating and even lighting rise or fall at your command whether you are in Europe, the Caribbean, Asia or just lolling by the pool at a California spa.

At home the fun continues. In-wall control panels (at left) coordinated with hand-held remotes make viewing or listening simple. Stream music, watch the latest hot movie, get the news of the day without confusion by activating ELAN. If she wants a drama and he prefers a Bears game, it’s a snap. Each screen in the home can carry whatever a viewer before it wishes. You can even polish your golf game.

All at the touch of a finger.  ELAN plus Digital Home Technologies add up to security, comfort and a richer life.

Construction: Eiesland Builders
Photography: Scott Fincher Photography
Interior Designer: Tom Stringer Design Partners
Audio Video Integrator: Digital Home Technologies

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