Once the idea took root about a decade ago, it bloomed again and again.

The Northwest Suburban homeowner had spent years cultivating an elaborate expanse of texture and color, accented by sculptural references to a passion for dogs, the outdoors and literature. The garden is music to the eye. Shrubs sweep in symphonic harmony. Jazzy floral notes riff under the grand theme while whimsical gewgaws add a touch of funk.

Nonetheless, something was missing. Sometimes nature’s soothing sounds need to yield to toe-tapping, and that is when the owner started a long-term relationship with Digital Home Technologies and its resources.

Step One was simple: Dual tweeter ROX speakers were tucked under faux rocks amid the foliage.

Then, almost yearly, the installation grew: Indoor audio was added as were high definition TVs from Digital Home’s product lines that include Yamaha, LG, Denon and other top quality devices. All can be controlled by a single remote, inside and out: Turn on, tune in, turn up or down.

Digital Home Technologies–a perennial favorite of this homeowner and many others.

Photography: Scott Fincher Photography

Audio Video Integrator: Digital Home Technologies

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