He is sometimes a globetrotting CEO with a taste for exotic artifacts and at all times a homeowner and DAD with a need to kick back and relax.Balancing life when you lead a international corporation and a large family demands that the complicated be simplified.

That’s why one of his domestic trips was to Digital Home Technologies, master of gathering loose ends and pulling them together into a tidy network of convenience.

Digital Home’s motto: “We manage your most valuable asset, your free time.”

The first stage of ordering a world in which one remote controlled this and another that was the installation of ELAN g!, unarguably a most sophisticated and elegant home control system. That happened in 2011.

Lighting, media, security, climate and even watering the yard can be controlled with ELAN g!, and it can be controlled wired (note the touchpad in the photo above right) or wirelessly from a smart phone or tablet. With the phone or tablet, control can be had even if you are in Asia or the UK. No more worries whether the trip is business or vacation, and all with just a tap of a finger on icons that look the same on all devices.

The installation included dividing the home into six zones so that dad could keep an eye on CNBC in one room while mom watched a cooking show in another. The kids could make homework go faster by listening to Sirius, Slacker or Pandora internet radio or take a break to watch a favorite on TV–each on his or her preferred station. A fully automated home theater was built as well.

In 2013, the pool area became more than just a place for liquid refreshment after a hard week at work: a 55-inch all-weather TV was added as were two zones of audio entertainment. Waterfall, lighting and Jacuzzi integration are in planning.

With Digital Home Technologies, life goes swimmingly.

Photography: Scott Fincher Photography

Audio Video Integrator: Digital Home Technologies

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