We can’t get enough of Yamaha’s new retro-look receivers and amplifiers. This is truly ‘back to the future’ – the look of the 1970s combined with the technology of the 2020’s. Machined knobs, solid selectors, beautiful meters… it’s just wonderful. And it makes us remember that for more than half a century, Yamaha has always been a leader in music reproduction equipment.

It kind of boggles the mind at how many things Yamaha does well. Let’s forget the marine engines and motorcycles for a moment and just concentrate on music equipment. From grand pianos, to trombones and trumpets, to guitars, basses, drums, oboes, flutes… come on now – that’s just crazy – because in each and every instrument category, Yamaha makes some of the finest you can buy. How can that be? We don’t really know (but if you want a treat, watch a youtube video on what it takes to build a Yamaha musical instrument.) Why are we telling you this? Because when it comes to reproducing the sound of a solo instrument, a band or an orchestra, their home electronics, from turntables, receivers, amplifiers to CD players are more than worth a listen. It's fidelity you can count on.

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